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EHS Science Fair Judges
Exelon Generation, Everett LNG Facility employees are pictured with educators as well as community members and professionals who graciously served as guest judges for this year’s EHS Science Fair.


Exelon Generation/Everett LNG Facility Sponsors 2019 EHS Science Fair

Exelon Generation, Everett LNG Facility employees, from left: Archie Gleason, Bob Montanile, Mourad Manjikian, Jonathan Bernblum, Carol Churchill, Christopher Carr,
Mark Rodgers, Michael Brown, and Ying Ng.
Exelon Northeast General Manager Archie Gleason talks to an EHS student during this year’s Science Fair. The trifold boards that every student uses to present their projects were purchased by Exelon.
Exelon Generation, Everett LNG Facility employee Carol Churchill, discusses a science fair project with an Everett High School student.
Professionals from Exelon Generation, the sponsors of the EHS Science Fair, are pictured during the presentation of projects inside the gymnasium.
Two Everett High School students meet with Exelon Generation’s Mark Rodgers.

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