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Summer Math Work: 2019

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Students who complete the optional summer work will receive an extra quiz grade of 100% during the first quarter. Students that must do the AP summer work will have it count towards exactly 10% of their first quarter grade.

There is optional summer work available for the following courses (click for materials)
1) Algebra 1 Honors (including students taking STEM Algebra 1)
2) Geometry Honors (including students taking STEM Geometry)
3) Algebra 2 Honors
4) PreCalculus Honors (including students taking STEM Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry)

There is mandatory summer work for the following courses (click for materials)
1) AP Computer Science A
2) AP Calculus
3) AP Statistics

There is no summer work for the following courses (though they can always access math practice on KhanAcademy.org if parents are looking for additional math work for their student(s):
1) Any non-honors math class
2) Computer Science Exploration or CSE Honors
3) Discrete Math or Discrete Math Honors
4) Math Electives (Business, Finance, SAT prep, etc)

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