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Special Education Transportation – 12 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is there a system used to check the background of transportation staff prior to their employment as drivers or monitors?

Malden Trans, Inc. performs Criminal Offender Record Inquiries (CORI), driver history checks, and pre-employment drug screenings. Drug tests are not a requirement by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, but Malden Trans. Inc. requires this additional step in an effort to keep children safe.

2. How does Malden Trans. Inc. train staff?

All Malden Trans. Inc. personnel are required to take part in new employee orientation. Our drivers and monitors are trained to proactively assess their vehicles for safety before students take their seats each day. Malden Inc. personnel are also trained to implement safety protocols in the event of an emergency. Aside from new employee orientation, we also hold several group trainings thorough the year.

To ensure that our drivers are prepared to meet the needs of our students, additional training is provided in consultation with school district experts to meet the needs of students with unique learning disabilities, health impairments, physical disabilities, and other conditions that can make transitions via vehicle challenging for individual students, fellow passengers, and/or Malden Trans. Inc. personnel.

3. Is there training for Malden Trans. Inc. staff in CPR, physical restraint, or other behavior management techniques?

Our drivers who hold Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) are required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to have training in CPR. This is not true however, for those who hold the 7D license to operate smaller transport vehicles. Our drivers are not authorized to restrain children or young adults, and for support with student behavior problems, we turn to our school district partners for assistance.

4. Can Malden Trans, Inc. staff smoke on busses and/or vans?

Malden Trans has a strict NO SMOKING policy. We further inform our drivers that smoking immediately prior to boarding Malden Trans, Inc. vehicles is prohibited. We do not feel that it is appropriate for children and young adults who have to smell smoke, or risk being exposed to third-hand smoke.

5. Does Malden Trans, Inc. monitor if the drivers/monitors are using alcohol or drugs while working in their respective positions?

If ever an employee is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is our policy to send said employee for immediate testing. The penalty for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at Malden Trans, Inc. is immediate termination of employment.

6. Are drivers allowed to use cellular phones when transporting children?

While children are on the vehicle, the use of cell phones is strictly prohibited. The only time we allow use is if there is an emergency on the bus and/or the 2 way radio is inoperable. Further, because of federal regulations, the use of a cell phone on a yellow bus carries a substantial fine.

7. How does Malden Trans, Inc. address bullying, teasing, physical aggressions?

Malden Trans. Inc. staff is required to complete incident report forms when bullying, teasing, and or aggression is suspected. These incident reports are sent to school and district administrators immediately upon receipt. All matters of student safety are handled with a high degree of seriousness.

8. How does Malden Trans. Inc. address punctuality (ensuring drivers are on time)?

Malden Trans. Inc. operates in the densely populated metropolitan area that surrounds Boston. While we do our very best to arrive and depart within the same five minute time frame each day, we encounter road closures, traffic jams, and other traffic related complications often. If you feel that your child’s transport has been incessantly tardy, we ask that you call us at 781-322-9400 to make us aware of the situation so that we can look into options for a more timely arrival.

9. How does Malden Trans. Inc. ensure that all children and parents are treated with respect?

At Malden Trans, Inc. treating one another, our parents, and our students with a high degree respect is a non-negotiable condition of employment. We ask that any and all perceptions of mistreatment be reported by calling 781-322-9400.

10. Does Malden Trans. Inc. have plans to install cameras on vans and busses?      

Malden Trans is in process of securing a reliable camera system for its buses. During the summer we will be testing cameras that we have diligently researched. If satisfactory, our goal is to have all yellow buses equipped with cameras by the fall. We want to make sure we get the right system to satisfy the parent’s needs and our needs. We will continuously provide the Everett School Department with our progress so they can in turn inform our parents.

11. Has Malden Trans, Inc. ever dropped off a student at the wrong address?

Malden Trans has never left a child at a wrong address.

12. Would it be possible for the parent to have the cell phone number of one of the staff in the bus responsible for their child?

Since our staff is not allowed to use cellular phone while on routes, kindly call 781-322-9400 and we will be able to address any questions, concerns or comments that you may have.