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Pressley Visit
From left: Otavia Joseph, Rothsaida Sylvaince, Steven Le, Samuel Rangel, Hajar Qouisseh, Dennis Ryan, Lejla Custovic, Brianna Delarosa, Camila Morare, Alexis Santamaria Luna, Elizabeth Peach, Illesia Ovalle, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Jourdan Novoa, Joshua Powers, Briana Hyppolite, Carolina Penaflor, Cyara Lambert, Calvin Tran, Danielle Molina Villalobos, Myra Ssegujja, Jeffrey Olson, Marcela Melendez, Bettyna Elescar, Ms. Carolyn MacWilliam, Samantha Chhay, Diana Lemus-Lemus and Celia Flores.

Congresswoman Pressley Visits Everett High

Pressley Visit
From left: School Committee Member Marcony Barros, Ms. Sue Lomas, Ms. Cristian Faia, Diana Lemus, Musa Bittaye, Yosselin Perez-Ascencio, Melissa LaForest, Ewaldine Shakira Fedna, Ashley Nicolas, Amy Hoang, Congresswoman Pressley, Camila Morare, Ariana Duclos, Joshua Powers, Cyara Lambert, and Carolina Penaflor.

Everett High School (EHS) was honored to host a visit from Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and members of her staff, known as the A-team.
School committee member Marcony Barros and EHS seniors Carolina Penaflor and Cyara Lambert served as tour guides, along with Principal Erick Naumann and Assistant Principal Christopher Barrett. The visit began with a stop in the music room to hear the string orchestra led by Mr. Maciej Kaczmarek, perform a beautiful rendition of “Colors in the Wind.”  Ms. Pressley was then moved by the magnificent voices of Pop Vox, led by Ms. Nadia Monti. Students performed “Jenny” by Nick Myers, a piece they performed at the MICCA Festival at Concord-Carlisle High School on Saturday April 27th. Having learned the Congresswoman is a huge fan of the 1990s boy band, New Edition, Pop Vox performed one of the group’sr most famous hits, “Candy Girl.” Despite an injury to her knee, Congresswoman Pressley couldn’t help but dance along with the group.
EHS Health Academy students and instructors Ms. Sue Lomas and Ms.Cristian Faia next demonstrated the new equipment available for Academy students.  Students helped Ms. Pressley assess a patient admitted to the ER with chest pains and later took the Congresswoman’s blood pressure. While speaking with students, Ms. Pressley was clearly impressed with the variety of colleges to which the students have been accepted.
Next, students from Ms. Carolyn MacWilliam’s AP US Government class held a town hall style forum to ask questions about government and important issues facing youth today. Senior Illesia Ovalle asked how running for a city wide office differed from that of a congressional race. Noting the size of the 7th Congressional District and the diverse cities and towns included therein, Congresswoman Pressley described how she was able to win and become the first black woman to represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the US Congress. Congresswoman Pressley also explained why she favors lowering the voting age from 18 to 16.
The visit ended on a sweet note as the final stop was with the Culinary Department.  Chef Carolyn Parmenter and her students prepared a delicious red velvet cake dessert for everyone. Congresswoman Pressley warned that she is a “cake snob” before trying the dessert, but was clearly impressed once she tasted a bite! Noting the exquisite presentation, Ms. Pressley acknowledged that there is a science to great baking and raved about the mouth-watering dessert.

Pressley Visits EHS
Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley has fun with a group of EHS musicians.
Pressley Visits Health Assisting Class
Diana Lemus shows Congresswoman Pressley how to assess a patient in the health assisting class at Everett High.

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