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Everett student writes an award-winning poem

A Parlin School sixth grader has been awarded a prestigious 2019 Curiosity Award as part of the Cambridge Science Festival, the first-of-its-kind celebration showcasing the leading edge in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). 
Henrique Pinto, a student in Katelyn Crossley’s class, was one of only 120 winners out of close to 4,000 entries in this year’s challenge, which asks students to “write an essay or poem, draw a picture, or take a photograph about your curiosity and tell us how it prompted you to explore your world.”
Henrique chose words to express himself, penning this poem:

What came before the universe?

What is out there?
Who is out there?
Where did we all come from?
Where do we all go?

The Universe is grand
It is something we refer to as a far away land
But a question I have is what came before this grand land
Was it the wacky Aliens of outer space
or was it some creatures who created this place,
But either way I must go on about who discovered
This land we all live on. Maybe some creatures who evolved
To dinosaurs or maybe something that’s out of this universe.
It could be some creatures that went extinct or some crazy intergalactico
Creature that once lived in outer space.
These are my theories of who came
Before this place. Outer Space

Curiosity Award Winner
Parlin School teacher Katelyn Crossley and sixth grader Henrique Pinto, a winner in this year’s Curiosity Challenge.

The Cambridge Science Festival is a multifaceted, multicultural event, the Festival makes science accessible, interactive and fun, highlighting the impact of STEAM in all our lives. Based out of the MIT Museum, the festival team organizing a 10-day event with a robust group of some of the most intelligent scientists, generous sponsors, creative non-profits, dedicated volunteers, and curious university students in the world. The festival attracts more than 100,000 visitors annually, hosts events in more than 70 different venues from Cape Cod to Central Massachusetts, and works with more than 100 collaborators.
Henrique will be honored at the Cambridge Science Festival Curiosity Awards ceremony on Saturday, April 20.
For more information, visit www.cambridgesciencefestival.org

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