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About the Everett School Committee

The Everett School Committee  

What We Do

 As members of the Everett School Committee, we are responsible for setting educational policies consistent with state and federal laws governing public education. As representatives of the electorate, we attempt to provide programs that meet the educational objectives of the community. In addition, we are responsible for the city’s resources.  Individually and as a board, we work as concerned citizens for the improvement of public schools. A quorum of five board members is needed to conduct official School Committee. The superintendent and administrative staff are present at board meetings to provide reports and background information. Minutes are recorded at every meeting.

Proposed minutes are available within eight business days after the meeting. Approved minutes are available within five days after the meeting in which the board approves them and are posted on our website.

We Listen to Your Concerns

 All regular meetings of the School Committee include “public comments.” The committee values this opportunity to listen to the concerns of parents, students and other community members. To allow for complete participation from the attending public, please limit your remarks to five minutes.


How We Are Elected

The Committee consists of nine City of Everett residents who serve  terms of two years each. They are elected at the municipal election in November. Any registered voter who lives in the City of Everett may vote in the election.


Our Meetings

Regular School Committee meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the library of the Everett High School (there may be exceptions depending on holidays and other conflicts). When a special meeting is necessary, public notice is given at least eighteen hours prior to the meeting, as per legal requirements. On the Monday prior to the regular board meeting a meeting of the Finance Committee will be held in the boardroom. This committee meeting is to discuss the financial condition of the district and no action will take place. All meetings of the board are open to the public except those specifically exempted by law. By law, closed sessions may be called to discuss certain personnel actions, student discipline cases, contract negotiations, some property transactions and for consultation with attorneys on pending litigation.

Our Agenda

 Agendas are provided at the board meeting. Agendas may be picked up in advance at the Administration Building on the day of the meeting, or you can download an agenda here. Agendas can be mailed for a nominal fee covering postage and copying costs.

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