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A Message From the Superintendent

Frederick F. Foresteire
Superintendent of Schools
Welcome to our newly designed and enhanced website, which we are confident will be an invaluable source of information for our students, parents, educators, and members of the community. To begin with, please note that we have changed our web address from everett.k12.ma.us to the easier-to-remember www.everettpublicschools.org.

This site reflects our commitment to using technology in the best possible manner to stay connected with you. We want this site to be engaging and easy to use, a place where you can quickly find something as simple as a phone number to a site where you can learn about some of the latest and greatest things our students are accomplishing.

I couldn’t be more proud of the work that is being done throughout our school district. Our students are thriving in the classroom, in extracurricular pursuits, and in athletics. They are learning in first-class school buildings, from gifted teachers, and with the backing of dedicated administrators and a tireless School Committee.  This website is an ideal extension of the core work we do everyday. It reflects our commitment to excellence and inclusion.

These are exciting times to be an educator. Our school district is dynamic and diverse. We are the very definition of multicultural. As a result, our schools are exciting places, filled with students from varying backgrounds. Everything we do as a school district is aimed at making sure that we provide an excellent education for every child in our care. To that end, we employ a diverse and dedicated group of teachers, administrators and support staff that ensure we meet our objectives.

These are also challenging times to be an educator. Our city’s population continues to grow, which means our schools are accommodating more and more students. In recent years, our school population has hovered near or above 7,000, which marks a very large increase from a decade ago. Our schools are housing more students than they were designed for, which forces us to continually adapt, refocus our priorities, and make smart and difficult decisions. Like every public school, EPS is duty bound to adhere to strict state and federal guidelines that affect our budget, curriculum, programming, and staffing.

But I am heartened and emboldened by the fact that we will not be swayed from our overarching goals. Every member of our district is fully committed to providing a stimulating educational environment that fosters the intellectual, cultural, social and physical growth of each and every one of our students.

I leave you with our motto, which we bring to life each and every day — Everett Schools Are Everett’s Pride!

Mr. Frederick F. Foresteire

Superintendent of Schools

Everett, Massachusetts

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