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Enes Kanter

A Big Moment

Celtic Enes Kanter Visits the Keverian School

Thank you to Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics for visiting the George Keverian School last week to speak with our seventh and eighth graders. He discussed his life in the NBA, his training schedule, his work on issues of social justice, and advice for students to be successful and chase their dreams.
“You must stand up to bullying,” Kanter said. “You must stand up for democracy and human rights. Set a goal and focus on something that will inspire others. We are more than just NBA players.”
Kanter also discussed his arrival in Boston, and the acceptance and love he has felt by local fans. The Keverian School is the first school that he has visited since coming to Boston to play for the Celtics.
“I’m glad to be in Boston,” he concluded. “I wanted to be here in this state because it’s all about education. We need to make this world better together, and it starts with education.”
A special thanks to Senator Sal DiDomenico for arranging today’s visit after Kanter spoke to the Senate yesterday. He immediately volunteered to come to Everett to visit with our students.
“Don’t just think of Enes as an NBA player,” Senator DiDomenico told students at the assembly. “Think of him as an inspiration. Think of him as someone that you want to be like when you get out into the world.”
Kanter also took some time to sing Happy Birthday to one of our eighth graders as well as take a selfie video for his Instagram.

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